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Cập nhật: 9/9/2016

My name is Nhan, I;m a senior on Forestry and Aquatic University. My friends and my family think I speak English very well as I have studied all subjects in English for 4 years. Sadly I can’t speak or write a sentence correclly when I talk to my friends and my teachers so I feel very nervous when I have to discuss and present topics or practice something in the form I often try to stay away from my teacher in order not to answer the questions from him. I know that is not what good students are! I lnow that is not what good students are! I awake all night long thinking about myself but I don’t know what good things I should do to make it better. Thank goodness I came across one of my for mer friends. I told him what I was worried and thank to his advice I go to New Talent Language School to start over.

 When I come to New Talent Language School I feel very happy and I am interested in lessons everyday. In class I have to talk a lot so I lost my voice and I was unable to speak after I started to learn English here in the first 3 days. I began with grade 1 and have studied here for nearly 3 months. Now I find that pronunciation has been changed. Although it is not correct at all, it is better than before. I feel confident and I like to talk more with my friends. After class I sometimes get together with my classmates to talk about some topics. During chatting time, we don’t forget to invite our teacher to join us to help us when we have mistake. I really enjoy that time!

I love to go to New Talent Language School very much. It is unlike other language school I used to study before because the teachers and the people work there are very friendly and approachable, when I have trouble with my study, they are always willing to help me out. The special thing is the Multiple Intelligence Method, which is very useful for me to learn English from the beginning! In class my teacher teaches us by using pictures and gestures after that I have to use all the vocabulary items and the patterns to practice with my classmates and do all homework at home so that I know how to use what I have learned and remember all lessons more quickly and more easily.

At New Talent Language School not only I learn speaking, listening, reading and writing individually but also I learn for skills together. In class, I practice speaking and listening, I learn new words and talk with my teacher and my classmate. I really love that time because teacher helps me know what I’m wrong and how to correct them. At home I have to complete my homework to practice writing and reading. I also practice more speaking by recording dialogs in student’s book. Doing all of them make me study hard, but I’m still excited because I feel that I have grown up day by day. I strongly believe that I will achieve my dream when I continue and complete all courses here!

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